Free Shipping!! 200 Gallagher Ring Top Step-In Posts


The Gallagher Ring Top Post has quickly become very popular among graziers as it nearly eliminates the headaches that pigtail posts have caused.

Pigtail Issue #1 Grounding out due to the wire wearing through the insulation and touching the metal post underneath. Grab that sucker and OUCH!

Solution: Wear-resistant nylon ring & no metal in actual ring. Ground outs simply can not occur!

Issue # 2 Tangling, get a dozen pigtails together and go for a walk. Next thing you know, they are all linked together and you end up setting the whole stack down to get one post out. A job that should have taken you 15 minutes quickly becomes longer.

Solution: That nylon ring we mentioned before. So, instead of a huge curly q for your wire the, Ring Top kept it nice and tight but still wide enough to accommodate rope, braid, twine & tape. Take a look at some of the other pictures included here to see what we mean.

Last note: I have been asked multiple times if you just pull the wire through the ring after you have placed the post in the ground. No, it is much simpler than that. Here's how it goes: Run your polybraid on your reel across your pasture. You should be able to carry on one arm and hold the reel in the other. Lock spool, lightly tension wire and hang reel. Walking back the way you came(yes you can stage posts beforehand so you do not have to carry them down and back) hold the post near the step and lay the top across the wire so that the small break in the ring is right on top of the wire. Pull the post toward you and make a quarter turn. Lift the wire up and let the post slide through your grip until your hand reaches the orange at the top. Step post in ground. You should, in most instances, be able to do this entirely without even bending over.

Wire Height 33"

    * Free shipping on 200 posts valid only within contiguous USA.