PowerFlex Polybraid is available in both 9 strands of stainless steel conductors (for strength, durability and longevity) or as a mixed metals product with 6 strands of stainless steel and 3 strands of tinned copper conductors (for maximum conductivity over long distances.) Both types reel up great and are easy to handle with a reel. A 1320' roll will fit on a standard O'Brien reel, with room to spare. PowerFlex has designed this polybraid with portability in mind for strip grazing purposes. It will perform for you. If you are a progressive grazier, then you will appreciate the quality of this polybraid. Our experience is it should last 2 -3 times longer than twisted polywire. This product has a breaking point of about 300#, which is TWO TIMES stronger than normal twisted type polywire found in farm stores. The cable effect of braiding the wire strands as well as larger gauge wire filaments dramatically enhances conductivity. Most polywire on the market is manufactured with a twist rather than a braid pattern. This braided pattern will provide a stronger polywire with less "fuzzing up" and less tangles. With the conductors held more firmly in place you will have less broken conductors with this braided pattern. It also reels up nicely.